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What is Neءdar?
Neءdar is Student activity in faculty of engineering Helwan University ,established in 2011.

Our Vision:

  • Creation of high spirit between students that leads them to share with us the responsibility of improving the college
  • Establishing main Electronics club at faculty of Engineering in Helwan University as a Hackerspace and spread this idea all over universities
  • Providing a convenient environment to unleash youth’s powers for technology making and development

Our Mission
Developing the sense of responsibility between students, creating a scientific community to combine between academic and practical training, supporting projects developed in Helwan University, providing them opportunities and spreading awareness about Competitions and scholarships.

Our Values

  • Giving
  • Honesty
  • Co-operation
  • Positive attitude

Our Goals

  • Providing students with courses needed in their fields and working hardly to share knowledge in both technical and soft skills fields
  • Link students to the work market
  • Educate students about scholarships opportunities in Egypt and abroad
  • Preparing a new generation to carry the banner of reform and change